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    Did Mike make the rod?


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    Kudos for you!
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    Thanks, this is going to be my 2nd. rod project, I'm sure I can use all the help I can get. I had Dan send a spacing chart with the rod but like my last project I only use that as a starting point. Having owned a 00wt. and now a 0wt. TXL The Dan Craft "0" feels like a 0000wt. compared to the Sage rods. I post pictures as soon as I get everything in. 

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    Reply from sagebass:

    Yeah...the Dan Craft blanks certainly felt light to me.  I have never fished with the ought txl rods, so I cannot compare.  But I do have a sage SP, and I know about Sage's reputation for fast, progressive tapers.  I can imagine that the txl's cast very nicely and quite far.  But my Dan Craft rod is so much fun when it is doubled over!  I would trade 15 feet of casting distance for the increased excitement landing a fish. 

    I caught a couple bass (about 13 inches 1 1/2 lbs, and 14 inches close to 2 lbs) on the 1 wt. yesterday.  The two largest fish so far.  The 2 pounder put up a heck of a fight, and I was just lucky there were no stick ups for her to get into.  I was at her mercy for a few minutes! 

    Best of luck on the build!  Looking forward to hear more as things progress!